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Published by : Robin Boucher / Category : What's new / October 26, 2015

About three months ago, Boucher Guitars made contact with the American Bluegrass community through an important and unexpected meeting.

Mr. Toby Saucier, resident of Fort Kent, Maine (USA) and member of ‘’The Fiddle Heads’’ Bluegrass band contacted Boucher Guitars for the very first time.

The reason that motivated him was a discovery he had made on the web. There he learned that Boucher Guitars won the NAMBACKER’s Best of Show award in the ‘’Boutique Guitars’’ category at NAMM Show 2014. Intrigued at the highest point, Mr. Saucier asked to arrange a meeting exactly where the artisans produce their guitars.

Robin Boucher accepted the offer on the spot and even invited Mr. Saucier to visit the workshop together with the other members of his band equipped with all their musical instruments.
” I’ve always loved the Country and the Bluegrass music because it was much present during my youth. By inviting all members of ” The Fiddle Heads’, it procured the chance for the entire team of Boucher Guitars to attend a private Bluegrass concert! Robin said.

What a surprise all members of ” The Fiddle Heads’ and Robin got when they discovered together that Boucher guitars turned out to be literal BOMBS for the interpretation of Bluegrass music style!
Moreover, Robin was so impressed by the quality of the musicians and also by the deepness of the values that people possess and carry into the Bluegrass community as well.
With these revelations and this reciprocal complicity, links of great friendships were forged. Instantly, Toby Saucier, Bobby Kelley, CJ Theriault, Curt Harvey, Danny Boucher, Darlene Ouellet, Jen Boucher as well as their children became ambassadors of the Boucher brand.

Based on the suggestion of our new friends, Boucher Guitars left to tour the Bluegrass festivals in the East coast states of the US where we had the chance to put our guitars in hands of other outstanding musicians and became themselves, Boucher ambassadors as well.

In early September, at the County Bluegrass Festival in Fort Fairfield, Maine, another great thunderbolt occurs:
Boucher Guitars is meeting members of Flatt Lonesome (IBMA 2014 award winners for The Best Emerging band Of The Year)
Buddy Robertson (vocal/guitar), Paul Harrigill (banjo/guitar), Kelsi Robertson-Harrigill (vocal/mandolin), Charli Robertson (vocal/fiddle), Michael Stockton (Dobro) and Dominic Illingworth (Bass)

Thanks to them, especially to Buddy Robertson who officially endorses Boucher Guitars brand. Our instruments went on stage of the most important events in the world of Bluegrass music in record time!